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He Saved Me With Kuribos Shoe - U/V - Bleu----->Vert (CDr)

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  • Save Me Lyrics: Ayo, Ian / Exotic (exotic) / Perc got a young nigga flying / on Dior 'cause these niggas be lying (lying) / Put him in the ground, you know that he dying / Just pissed on my.
  • Sep 14,  · Save Me Lyrics: Save me from myself / I really need your help / I'm going under / Save me from myself / I don't really want to wonder if I'm really going under / Yeah, I think too much so I write.
  • Jul 22,  · I even think it's real sometimes I only have you to blame It's not too late to change So save me, Oh just take me Won't you help me, try to separate this So save me, oh just take me Oh please help me, I need you around You're no where to be found Your hatred knows no bounds It's killing me inside I know there's more to you This is your chance for you to prove I only have you to blame It's not.
  • If you see me with my bitch, you better not speak tho And I just did show in Cali, far from Rio And I ain't never tooken shit, like fuck Debo I tried to warn you, warn you If you ever run up on me, have it on you I gotta lotta hoes, but girl I want you And I ain't got a lotta time, so what you gon do Somebody save me, save me, save me Let's go.
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  • Jul 22,  · I think sometimes i'd be lost If I didn't have your love (didn't have your love) What i need to do is let you know You save me when I'm down (you save me when I'm down) No request of yours, I could ever deny Oh, just tell me what you want The test of time is proof we got nothing to lose So i'll give it all I got I think sometimes i'd be lost If I didn't have your love (didn't have your love.
  • You saved me Gave me a second chance You saved me And I wanna thank You saved me Thank you thank you You saved me You saved me I was in the aisle of the grocery store With a pain in my chest and I'm wondering Where did it come from I got tested and the results came back And the doctor said, "I'm sorry but you got cancer." Jesus I could not.
  • Cause it reminds me once again Heaven rained a little mercy on this lonely man I don't know what it is, I only know that you can save me, save me I run into your arms cause you erase the world gone crazy Oh you save me, oh you save me You reached into the storm just to pull me back to life again You act like it was nothing but it's the reason.

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