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Oh My God

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  • An exclamation of shock or surprise, often used repeatedly by stupid people who are shocked and surprised by almost everything and insert it into conversations whenever possible.
  • The Oh-My-God particle was an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray detected on 15 October by the Fly's Eye camera in Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, mifilanmitetilescompjihysugar.xyzinfo that time it was the highest-energy cosmic ray that had ever been observed. Although higher energy cosmic rays have been detected since then, this particle's energy was unexpected, and called into question theories of that era about the origin.
  • Oh My God synonyms. Top synonyms for oh my god (other words for oh my god) are my god, my gosh and jesus.
  • A little history for you The phrase oh my god has a long history, with record of the oath my god dated to at least It’s possible that oh my god is a variation on both my god and oh god, both of which have historically been used to express emotions like dismay, astonishment, and mifilanmitetilescompjihysugar.xyzinfo early uses may have their roots in prayer, expressing gratitude, request for help, or.
  • And David's go-to phrase is undoubtedly "Oh my god," always paired with one of Dan Levy's many exasperated facial expressions. David utters the expression countless times throughout the series.
  • Apr 14,  · Oh My God (Stay Home Edition) Lyrics: Time on your own that'll never end / You've completed the internet and called all your friends / Now you're taking advice from a band named Kaiser / .
  • Apr 08,  · "Oh my god, she took me to the sky," Soyeon cries out on the hook, while she writhes within a mass of bodies cloaked in white and tainted in black ink. "Oh my god.
  • Jul 03,  · Stephen Cooper was on his way to deliver documents near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, , when he was captured in a famous photograph.

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